Restoration & Project Work

Our forte is project work.

Gantspeed has vast experience of restoration of all models of Porsche cars. Depending on the Customer’s requirements, we can undertake total restorations to transform cars from “basket cases” right through to Concours winning standard, or we can restrict restoration to specific areas.

Restoration can include stripping the vehicle to a bare bodyshell, then putting it through processes to remove all paint, filler and underseal.

The shell is then installed on our Chassis Jig at which point we are able to establish the extent of corrosion and past damage, and plan and carry out the restoration of the bodyshell. All restoration / reconstruction work on the bodyshell is carried out in our workshops.

Preparation for paintwork is then carried out using traditional “lead loading”, and paying close attention to panel gaps, fits and contours. The painting process is carried out to the highest standards.

All mechanical and electrical parts on the car can be restored or renewed. Engines, transmissions and running gear can be fully rebuilt and restored prior to re‐installation.

We can provide specialist restoration and re‐trimming of the interior in the materials of your choice, and final assembly of the car is carried out with great care and attention to detail.