996 Major Service

In for service is a 2004 996 C4.

With a car of this age, unless scrupulously  maintained its likely that there are issues with wear and corrosion to the suspension components, cooling system problems related to a build up of dirt in radiators or due to poor coolant quality (no, pure tap water is not a good idea!)  and possibly brake system issues.

Each of these can be time consuming. For example with the suspension if bushes need replacing, re-alignment is necessary. If bolts are rusted it can need even more time.

At first inspection it looked like there might be issues with all of these.

In the case of the brakes in this instance there was an added problem. The brake lines had previously  been replaced in what can only be described as ‘an artistic design’ – bends all over the place!

Old, bent and corroded

Artistic, unsupported, unnecessary bends

More of the same


New Porsche brake pipes ready to be fitted

To rectify the problem correctly the engine and transmission unit has been removed along with the front suspension, cross member and front differential, all this just to allowed proper access to the fit the new (Porsche supplied) pre formed brake lines correctly.

Everything removed for this job. Except those doors which are off a Mercedes!

At the same time we will rectify the many small water leaks from coolant hose connections, renew the front cooling radiators (you can see the condition of these in a later picture) and air conditioning condensers and replace worn and corroded suspension components.

Porsches in the ‘modern’ water cooled era are much more ‘technology dense’ than the older air cooled cars, or even the early water cooled ones. This means more components and systems in less space. Added to this, all modern cars (not just Porsches) are designed with assembly in mind – service/repair considerations are secondary. This leads to the level of dis-assembly you see here.

This also means that once committed to all this it pays in the long run to go through and renew anything likely to fail or need replacement in the next couple of years (Porsches normal service Period), such as clutch, radiators or dampers.

They say a picture tells a thousand words – so here a few pictures of the other issues.